HR Technology is being developed at full speed. About 10 years ago we mainly had a focus on an ATS (applicant tracking system) and a good payroll system. Nowadays there are hundreds of tech companies that focus on the HR field.

We believe that technology greatly enriches the field of HR. Especially when this technology focuses on the improvement of collaboration, has a predictive function and simplifies the employee journey. It should always help create a good working environment for all.

What can we do?

We are constantly on the look-out and testing new technology. We are often asked for our opinion about new products. We can assist customers in their choice for new tech. We can do this for the entire HR spectrum, from recruitment and onboarding up to feedback and professional development. We also have a clear view of how the HRTech market is developing and where it is evolving to. For inspiration also have look at our website (still in development). 

Visit our HRTech Meetup in Amsterdam to get all the new insights on the HRTech field. 


Wendy, our CEO and founder, is often asked to judge at international HRTech conferences, such as the HRTech World conference in Paris and in London. 


Curious how we look at HRTech?

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