HR Tech Meetup March 30th 2016

SAVE THE DATE for our first HR Tech Meetup!

The meetup where HR professionals meet with HR Tech companies with their newest improvements.

meetupSo much going on in HR Tech that we thought it’s time to start meetups to share our knowledge, get inspired by members on what new developments they have seen and/or are using and invite great speakers in this field.

Sharing experiences, brainstorm on improvements and discuss challenges in the HR market. We bring together HR managers and professionals interested in new HR Tech developments, inspiring HR Tech companies with a MVP, that want to share what they do and want to be part of an ecosystem of HR Tech companies with a focus on improving work environments, making working together more easy, making great places to work, where we can grow, learn, have impact and achieve excellent results.

This initiative is started by Impraise, Harver, Teamily and Van Ierschot.

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