Intermediary for HR professionals

Van Ierschot does what works. A household name in the market for HR services. Alongside contracting out the entire HR ‘Department’ and consultancy, Van Ierschot works together with a select group of HR professionals who are affiliated with Van Ierschot interim BV as independent operators. If we can no longer take on the assignment with our permanent staff, we can call on this group.

In contrast with standard agencies, Van Ierschot only works with a permanent group of carefully selected professionals. We prefer to say ‘unfortunately, no’ – in good time and honestly – than propose a professional who we do not support for the full 100%.  These professionals are therefore carefully screened, which also involves looking at the person behind the knowledge and skills. The person filling an HR position for a short or long period is, after all, very visible in an organisation, and a good match on all fronts is crucial. We keep our finger on the pulse by responding quickly, and always giving coaching and guidance to the HR interim professional.


The affiliated HR professionals vary in terms of level of experience: from HR advisor and business partner to HR manager. They are coached during an assignment by an HR Partner of Van Ierschot. They can also take – under attractive terms and conditions – a Systemic Interventions Masterclass, training courses and workshops on the latest developments in feedback, HR Tech or writing pieces according to the pyramid principle.

Van Ierschot organises intervision moments with its permanent employees and the professionals. This broadens the knowledge of the professional, allows discussion of difficult cases, and gives us better insight into the strong sides of the professionals, and the areas they could develop. As a client, you benefit from Van Ierschot sharing knowledge on the latest HR developments.

The guidance and supervision by Van Ierschot goes further. By holding regular three-way discussions with the client and the assigned HR professional, we monitor the assignment together. We put feedback and open communication into daily practice, which can only improve the quality of the services. 

Our goal is to surprise you, the client, in a positive way with the quality of the service, and with our proactive sharing of the latest developments.

Would you like to find out more about the people and vision behind Van Ierschot?

If so, please contact Evelien Janssen at 06 14226857, and of course have a look at our website

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