Making it work

Implementing new and better tech savvy HR solutions on a daily basis, based on what really works and in sync with each other. That is what we truly want. Our core values are doing together, making it better and brutally honest. We are not afraid to call out issues we see, always with the best intentions. We want a healthy workplace for everyone; the entrepreneur, the CEO, the managers, the employees, the tribes, the teams. Making everything right, that is what we strive for. This also means acknowledging that if this organization does not suit you, it’s ok to move on.

We want to be the HR partner for all innovative organizations in the Netherlands  up to 300 employees and a source of inspiration (and good HR consultants) for corporates who would like to make the organization more people-oriented.

Van Ierschot — Making it work.

Together with you, we’ll go full steam ahead:

From… To…
a 7 score a 9 score
long-term, overly complex projects making the right decisions
Unclarity in tasks knowing what is expected from whom
unmotivated employees proactive and involved staff
many processes room

What we can do for you:

Van Ierschot is versatile in the HR field. Read more about our services:

  • HR consultancy – for answers to all your HR questions
  • HR co-sourcing – for flexible working with HR employees in your business
  • HR Interim – for temporary replacement of HR activities in your business

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