Do you have a specific HR question?

Crazy enough, there aren’t many HR questions we haven’t seen before.  So does that mean we will start running as soon as you ask the question? No, of course not. Every customer is different, and it can always be done better. We like to collaborate and implement together with you, and come up with the awnser that works best for you together. That may be a very small thing, such as answering a telephone question, to large international projects, such as introducing a stimulating feedback culture.

HR Consultancy


We work for the little hip fast-growing companies, established organizations, international corporates and government organizations. This combination of clientele makes us powerful. We know large organizations and have experience with the flexibility of small ones. And both can learn from each other when it comes to people who work together!

Our client explained in less than a minute why we are not typical consultants:

Why Van Ierschot consultancy?

  • We give you advice that you can really work with. No long, fluffy reports, but practical tips that you can already start implementing today. We ensure that within your organization the capacity arises to do it yourself.
  • Our way of working is lean, which cuts out any towering overhead costs and additional charges.
  • We have a highly developed learning culture and all Van Ierschot people work together. We gather new knowledge and experience on daily basis, we are constantly on the lookout for new developments in HR, which we share and use.
  • We have a network with real (scientific) experts who inspire us and who we can introduce to our customers (Also check out our label: Maven at work).
  • We have tech savvy solutions.
  • Van Ierschot people are energetic and help others in your organization to grow. In our projects we create collaboration teams with staff from your own organization.
  • We are brutally honest. We are not afraid to call out issues we see, always with the best intentions. And we are not afraid to “bite the bullet”.


Do you have a question about HR? Call Wendy van Ierschot (non-committal) at +31 6 19350175 or use our contact form.